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All-Natural Water Softening. All Over Your Home.

All-Natural Pool Salt. For Your Beautiful Pool.

Our bag makes a splash!

SureSoft® is the 100% natural choice for families looking to get more from their water softener salt. 

  • More performance for healthier hair and skin. 
  • More savings on soap, shampoo and detergent.
  • More years without replacing expensive home appliances.

And families with saltwater pools count on SureSoft® Pool Salt for a beautiful pool.

  • Less start up time with quick-dissolving crystals.
  • Prevents stains on pool surfaces so you can enjoy your sparkling pool, worry-free.
  • Easier and less expensive to maintain compared to traditional chlorine pools.
  • Eliminates the handling of harsh chemicals, odor and irritation of traditional chlorine.
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